HTML PROGRAMMING: In this article, I will tell you about the basics of HTML programming. I hope you will learn something with this article.


Every HTML document should contain certain standard HTML tags. A tag is a coded HTML command that indicates how a part of the Web page should be displayed. Each document consists of head and body tags. A tag is a coded HTML command that indicates how a Web page should be displayed. The head contains the title and the body contains actual text that is made up of paragraphs, lists, and other elements.


An HTML page consists of the following tags.

<HTML>: This tag specifies the document as an HTML document.

<HEAD>: This tag contains information about the document, including its title, scripts used, style definitions and document descriptions.

<TITLE>: This tag contains the document title. The title specified inside <title> tag appears on the browser’s title bar.

<BODY>: This forms the largest part of the HTML document. The <Body> tag encloses all the tags, attributes, and information to be displayed in the Web page.

Below I have tried to tell you about these tags


HTML Elements <Html>

The HTML element tells the Web browser that the file contains HTML-coded information. The file extension .html indicates that this is an HTML document. An HTML document must contain this extension for it so that a web browser can read it.

HEAD Element<Head>

The Head element identifies the first part of the HTML-coded document containing the title.

Information placed in the Head is essential to the inner working of the document and has nothing to do with the content of the document. With the exception of information contained within the <Title>…</Title> tags, all information placed within the <Head>…</Head> tags is not displayed in the browser. The HTML tags used to indicate the start and end of the head section are as follows:




TITLE Element <Title>

The Title element contains the title of the document and recognizes its contents in a global context. The title shows somewhere in the browser Window (usually at the top), but not within the text area. You should choose title head somewhat descriptive unique and relatively short.

ADDRESS Element<Address>

Just as the title shows in the title bar of the browser window, certain information commonly places at the foot of the Web page. For example Copyright information, contact details of the company, etc.


The largest part of your HTML document is the body, which has the contents of the document.

I have tried to tell you about the HTML PROGRAMMING.For more query please comment.

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