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Characteristics of the Internet

Characteristics of the Internet: In this article, I will tell you Guys about the Characteristics of the Internet and its Features.

The Internet has the following characteristics:

  • A Complex Network—With the simplified definition as a “network of networks” that comprises over 150 million computers.
  • Disorganized—The Internet can be cumbersome and confusing, even for experienced users.
  • Widely Used—More than 147 million people use the Internet, over 40 million of whom use it daily.
  • International in Scope—Is accessed by people in approximately 140 countries; people in over 155 countries use the Internet for e-mail purpose.
  • Dynamic—Changing every minute of every day.On an average, a new network is connected to the Internet every 30 minutes.
  • Expanding Exponentially—Growing at the rate of 12% per month.

Features of the Internet:

The Internet refers to a collection of computer networks. Many individual networks join together to 1form the Internet. Millions of computers are connected to the Internet in this fashion.

The Internet provides Newsgroup facility through E5 which you can participate in a discussion on a topic of your interest. Let us discuss some of the features of the Internet which are as follows:

Getting Online:

The Internet provides you an access power to get the quick and fast information on any subject of interest. This makes the internet a valuable and global research tool.

A number of online newspapers and magazines are also available on the Internet.

Sending and Receiving E-mail:

Email is a very useful feature of the Internet as we can send and receive messages over long distances. It is quite fast, easy and inexpensive as well.

Online Business:

You can order products on the Internet while sitting at your home. For example, .you can also purchase items, such as books,flowers, music Compact Disks (CD5), pizza, stocks, used cars, etc.

Chatting with Others:

The chat feature allows you to exchange the messages with another person on the internet.

A sent message will appear on the other person’s computer within a few seconds.

You can chat with a pawn a group at any point in time.

Playing Online Games:

You can play my different types of online games using the Internet.You can also solve an online puzzle, race a car play backgammon, etc.

Socializing with Others:

You can socialize your-self by joining different discussion groups using Internet where you can share your interest and opinion around the world.

You can Ask questions, discuss problems and read interesting stories.

There are thousands of discussion groups on the various topics, such as food, music, photography, politics, religion, sports, television and more.

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